Tanzania Civil Society statement for the Climate sumit 2014

We are pleased to announce that the UN Climate Summit 2014 will be held in New York on 23rd September 2014.

Following the lack of urgency and slow progress of the climate change negotiations and actions at global, national and local levels whereby the impacts of climate change have already affected the world especially the developing countries that have low capacity to adapt. Therefore we call upon developed countries’ leaders to make bold announcements with action plans for emission reduction in line with scientific reports’ recommendations (most notably the IPCC 5thAssessment Report) which respect the Convention principle of Common but Differentiated Responsibility and Respective Capabilities and developing countries should commit to Low-Carbon Development pathways which limit emissions and build community resilience. Demand adequate, predictable and additional climate financial resources (separate from the Official Development Assistance) to be made available by developed countries to developing countries. In addition, there should be the establishment of a financial mechanism which is clear, transparent, easily accessible, country-owned and responsive primarily to vulnerable communities. Urge our governments to treat adaptation with the same priority as mitigation in the 2015 legally-binding agreement and address adaptation in the pre-2020 negotiations. Call upon our governments to promote, support, invest and disseminate research and innovations on environmentally-friendly, low-carbon and energy efficiency technologies which incorporate indigenous and locally innovated technologies, and urge our African leaders to lobby for fully incorporation of agriculture into global efforts on climate change and specifically on the 2015 climate agreement. We therefore demand African and World leaders make strong and ambitious national commitments to action at the UN Climate Summit 2014.We also call upon African and World leaders to enhance active involvement of all stakeholders including Civil Societies, Youth, Women, Research institutions, Marginalized and Vulnerable groups, to the whole process of coming up with the global climate agreement in 2015.

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