Communicating Climate Change in Tanzania: Role of Journalists

Climate change is one of the pressing issue in Tanzania, and media have been demonstrated to play a significant role in shaping the public perception and policy agenda, though a number of challenges remain unchecked on communicating climate change related agenda. Very unfortunate, Journalists are faced with multiple challenges in framing, packaging and communicating climate change issues in the country.

Climate Action Network Tanzania (CAN Tanzania) conducted a training to journalist from different media house with intents to highlight major themes including assessing and consolidating relationship and partnership with the media industry to communicate climate change to different audiences

During the training, a number of issues that hinder engagement of the journalists in communicating climate change were raised, but there was also an interesting base of knowledge among the journalists from a range of media disciplines. Among the challenges mentioned includes media house policies, inappropriate perception among key stakeholders, limited resources, limited knowledge on climate change and emotional reporting from some of the reporters.

This blog intends to cultivate a sustainable knowledge exchange, experience sharing, and in-depth understanding of climate change issues among the journalists for a strengthened professionalism, news value that spin around innovation, and avoiding event-centred coverage, personification and the unprofessional impartiality on reporting climate change.

Please get in touch for more explanations and answers for different issues related to climate change communication across local to international levels and scales. CAN Tanzania and the stakeholders with passion in communicating climate change will always remain firm to provide solutions to different challenges in the climate change discourse.

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