We are looking for a legally established and professionally qualified firm to carry out an environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA) for the proposed drilling and construction of six boreholes and three water storage facilities (CHARCO DAMS) in three villages of Hai district in Kilimanjaro region.


The objectives of the ESIA are:
  • To establish baseline information on both natural and built environment including socio-economic conditions of the proposed project area.
  • To identify, predict and evaluate foreseeable impacts, both beneficial and adverse, of the proposed project (In specific constructed boreholes, charco dams and associated irrigation schemes or other usefulness of supplied water in the project area); and
  • To develop mitigation measures that aim at eliminating or minimising the potential negative impacts and promote positive ones.
  • To develop management clauses and monitoring aspects to be observed during project implementation.
This requirement clearly presents a broad challenge on what type of activity that is environmentally friendly need to be dealt by the consultant.
Based on the objectives mentioned above, the scope of this study will entail 14 tasks outlined below:
Task 1: Description of the Proposed Project
Task 2: Project location and Description of the Environment (Including Physical, Biological, Socioeconomic conditions)
Task 3:  Policy, Administrative and Legal frameworks 
Task 4: Baseline Environmental conditions
Task 5: Stakeholder consultation and Public involvement
Task 6: Impact Assessment and Identification of Alternatives 
Task 7: Impacts Mitigation Measures 
Task 8: Environmental and Social Impact Management Plan
Task 9 Environmental and Social Monitoring Plan
Task 10: Cost Benefit Analysis of the Project
Task 11: Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)
Task 12: Review
Task 13: Decommissioning
Task 14: Summary and Recommendations
Interested and qualified consultant should submit a detailed financial proposal including all professional fees, report costs and subsistence costs. Please note all costs must be broken down into details (no lumpsums, no contingencies etc). The consultant individual or firm will be responsible for its own security; insurance while in the field and CANTZ will not be responsible for any injuries or damages incurred during the assignment. The costs submitted must be inclusive of all anticipated expenses.
Interested parties must submit their applications by email referenced under the title: Environmental and social impact Assessment for construction of 6 Boreholes and 3 Chaco dams in Hai District to the following email address: – admin@cantz.or.tz copy sixbert@cantz.or.tz. The deadline for submission of all required documents is 15th April 2021.
a) Evidence of past experience in undertaking similar assignments (three most recent documents preferred) of related works.
b) Three (3) references of the previous assignments.
c) Be legally authorized to carry out EIA (i.e. registered with NEMC and an EIA expert) of which a copy of registration certificate is required.
d) Familiar with all key national and international environmental and climate change frameworks.
e) Compliant with government tax regulations.
 Please note that only shortlisted applications will be contacted