We are looking for a legally established and professionally qualified consultant firm to carry out a hydro-geological and geophysical investigation of six potential borehole sites in three villages of Hai district in Kilimanjaro.
To conduct a detailed scientific hydro-geological and geophysical investigations in order to collect all the necessary information and facts that will guide confirmation appropriate sites for drilling 6 boreholes in the selected 3 villages the project area. In addition to confirmation of potential drilling sites, the investigation will also establish relevant facts related to the distribution of water from boreholes to the storage (i.e. retention), other utilization points (i.e. primary distribution points/water points) and areas for constructing chaco dams.
As outlined under section 3 above, the overall scope of assignment is focused on conducting a detailed scientific qualitative and quantitative assessment to establish best locations for drilling boreholes, chaco dams and establishment of additional information related to distribution of water from boreholes to water distribution points. In view of this, the consultant is expected to develop an appropriate methodology that will facilitate execution of this assignment for the best outcomes.  Therefore, detailed hydro-geological survey report is expected from the consultant, providing succinct and authoritative information pertaining to:
i) Most probable locations that can be drilled to give maximum yield of water on a sustainable basis
ii) Indicative cost of drilling and distributing water from boreholes to retention and distribution points
iii) Probable locations for chaco dams in each village
iv) Addition information on the water attributes of on proposed locations including information/data on agricultural practices, rainfall/temperature and the              existing irrigation system will also be collected  
v) Professional recommendations on best and cost-effective way forward
This initiative is operating under a tight schedule. Hence, prospective consultant is required to be able to execute the assignment with a shortest period possible. Based on the overall schedule for this initiative, the current study is expected to be completed within 3 weeks from the date of signing the contract. In view of this the final report of this assignment is expected to be receive not later than 4 weeks from the date of signing the contract.
Given the objectives of this assignment, CANTZ seeks to recruit highly qualified consultant firms who meet the following minimum requirements to submit their detailed narrative and financial proposal outlining the key aspects including:
a) Proven field technical and field experience of the consultant firm with key individuals holding Master’s degree in geology, hydrology, engineering geology,            physical, or earth science, or in any related field and having good experience of working in this sector.
b) Consultancies performed in the last 7 years especially with reference letters for each hydro-geological survey consultancy
c) Proof of availability of all the equipment, personnel and ability to mobilize them on short notice (Include list of equipment, Brand/Manufacturer, CVs of the          personnel) to perform the survey.
Interested and qualified consultant should submit a detailed financial proposal including all professional fees, report costs and subsistence costs. Please note all costs must be broken down into details (no lumpsums, no contingencies etc)
The consultant firm will be responsible for its own security; insurance while in the field and CANTZ will not be responsible for any injuries or damages incurred during the assignment. The costs submitted must be inclusive of all anticipated expenses. A Consultant firm should also meet all conditions and regulations set out by the government and Pangani Basin Water Board (PBWB).
Interested parties must submit their applications by email referenced under the title: Hydro-geological and Geophysical Investigation of 6 Potential Boreholes in Hai District to the following email address: – admin@cantz.or.tz copy sixbert@cantz.or.tz.The deadline for submission of all required documents is 15th April 2021
No application will be considered from an individual. CANTZ will only consider those applications from consultant firms. Applications should clearly identify a team leader, who will be the sole responsible to deliver the outputs of the assignment. Consultants are requested to submit a proposal with a cover letter and must mention their expected total remuneration for this assignment. Applications should include: –
a) A proposal to the above ToR including methodology, schedule and budget.
b) A financial offer including daily fees in Tanzanian Shillings.
c) Up-to-date curriculum vitae(s) of the consultant firm, lead consultant and relevant team members
d) Description of available equipment for the assignment
e) Evidence of past experience in undertaking similar assignments (three most recent documents preferred) of similar works done
f)  Three (3) references of the previous assignments.
Please note that only shortlisted applications will be contacted