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Climate Empowerment and leadership

Empowerment of the communities, stakeholders, leaders and other actors’ for offering climate change responses and governance behavior,is our key role while targeting different groups of people. We also targets the local community, government authorities across levels, high school, college and University students, Civil Society Organizations and individuals. This initiative gives use an opportunity to use different methods and approaches to ensure that all those groups considered to be change agents are capacitated to spread the awareness to a wider community and stakeholders. This includse guidance on how to customize the climate change, poverty reduction and development based programs to the needs of different communities and audiences


Communication, awareness raising and advocacy

Communicating climate change information to different community groups in different localities with manifold background and experience, is a major challenge for impacts monitoring and prediction in Tanzania. Not only weather forecasts, precipitation and other related information, but also, key environmental information and even lifesaving early warnings are commonly not well communicated to each group in the community. We are emphasizing on innovative communication ways that provides information based on the needs of different audiences. We are also continuing with advocacy work with different approaches that speeds up action from the authorities. Emphasis are directed on bottom-up and grassroots evidence based advocacy for influencing micro and macro-level policies and regulatory frameworks in favor of those impacted by climate change, and those compounded by extreme poverty. This is not complete without awareness and clear knowledge on all the topics we are dealing with. Therefore, awareness raising campaigns is always developed and continuously implemented within our operations and beyond.


Exchange programs

We are committed in saving the community, particularly the marginalized, and vulnerable poor groups. For sustainability, dynamic changes and improvement in service delivery, outreach activities, community engagement and poverty reduction, learning and adopting good practice is our priority. This is where exchange programs is emphasizing to ensure that every step in our undertakings results into robust outcomes and most if not all of the target audiences/groups experience accept the changes. This is continuously done as part of the organization key focuses taking into account all the best practices domestically and internationally.


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This review is associated with the review of local governments’ (Three Districts and Villages) periodic plans and strategies and looking their alignment with the national documents for renewable energy, climate resilience and poverty reduction.

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