The Climate and Livelihood Research Centre sustainability and success will be stemmed from the robust engagement within the Climate Action Network Tanzania (CAN Tanzania), the country and beyond. Sustainability initiatives will be driven by professional staff in different CAN Tanzania departments, experienced and motivated researchers especially those integrating climate change, social development and livelihood sustainable systems into country and global policies. Our partners will be the leading researchers and research institutions and champions, who will contribute on expanding the ways we think about Climate and Livelihood, sustainability and seek solutions to challenges. We will work closely with Local and International Think tanks, Universities and Research Institutions, local and International Non-Governmental Organizations, the Civil Societies, local community and government ministries, departments and authorities. Engagement of donors, funders, charity and good friends of human livelihood will be highly appreciated

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  Within my work with CAN TZ, I was given the incredible chance to join our team going to COP 24 in Katowice Poland. Despite being very excited I was eager to see how such big conferences really works and if it was somewhat close to the images I had in my mind. Well, itRead More…

This review is associated with the review of local governments’ (Three Districts and Villages) periodic plans and strategies and looking their alignment with the national documents for renewable energy, climate resilience and poverty reduction.

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