Public Dialogue for Improved Policy & Inclusive Participation in Planning and Implementation of Climate Change Responses in Lushoto District


CAN Tanzania is a big network consisting of 50 organizations from different regions and localities in the country.
CAN Tanzania is an open and welcoming network for registered organizations interested to join us fighting against climate change. Organization interested to become a member with Climate Action Network (CAN) Tanzania should accept our objectives and work towards a more climate resilient economy.

The list below shows all our members, and is being constantly updated List of Member Organizations

Interested organizations can contact the country Director or fill in and submit an application form. You can visit this page to understand our member registration process.

The listing below provides an overview of the membership, and is being constantly updated List of members

Tanzania Environmental Friendly Association (TEFA)

Ubungo Riverside-Kibangu,
P.O. Box 16557,
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Tel: +255 752 956220
Social Link:

Tanzania Climate Change Alert and Resilience (TCCAR)

NHC-Kibra Complex
Col. Milton street
P. o.Box 14606
Arusha Tanzania.
Hotline: +255713767414

Same/Mwanga Environmental Conservation Advisory Organization (SMECAO)

P.O Box 87
Same, Kilimanjaro-Tanzania
Phone: +255 755 741 630 / 754 467 018

Rural Women Development Initiatives (RUWODI)

P.O Box 330
Bagamoyo, Tanzania
Phone: +255 766 415 248
Website: www.envaya/ruwodi

Sustainable for Environment and Climate Change Association (SECCA)

P.O Box 467
Mwanza, Tanzania
Phone: +255 756 440 484/767 532 488

Rondo Women Development Organization (ROWODO)

P.O Box 83
Lindi, Tanzania
Phone: +255 787 428 630

African Partnership on Climate Change Coalition (APCCC)

P.O Box 879 Bukoba, Tanzania
Phone: +255 768 020 750

Resource Advocacy Initiatives (RAI)

Nelson Mandela Memorial House Issenye-Serengeti
P.O.BOX 91,
Mugumu- Serengeti, Tanzania
Phone: +255 767 065 436/787 065 436

Kigoma Vijana Development Association (KIVIDEA)

P.O Box 91
Kigoma, Tanzania
Phone: +255 (028) 2802319
+255 768 111 047/762 377 228

Environment for Communities Livelihoods Organization (ECOLIO)

P.O Box 4150
Dar-es-salam, Tanzania

Energy, Environment and Climate Change Organazation (EECO)

P.O.Box 34364,
Dar es Salaam-Tanzania
Phone: +255713296883

Misenye Environmental Development Organization (MEDO)

P.O. Box 62 or 67,
Kyaka- Kagera, Tanzania
Mobile: +255 784 836689

Community Health Services Organization (COHESA)

P.O. Box 1530 Bukoba,
Kagera, Tanzania.
Mobile: +255 786 279958

Environmental Management Group (EMAG)

P.O. Box 30,
Bukoba, Tanzania.
Mobile: +255 784934826

Youths and Women Development Organization (KAYOWODO)

P.O.BOX 1991,
Bukoba -Kagera, Tanzania
Mobile: +255754658055

Kagera Development and Credit Revolving Fund (KADETFU)

P.O. Box 466, Bukoba, Tanzania
Mobile: +255 28 2220717
Fax: +255 28 2220717

Mtwara People’s Umbrella Organization “ KIKUNDI MWAVULI MTWARA (KIMWAM)

P.O Box 888,
TANU ROAD, Postal Building 1st Floor
Mtwara Tanzania
Phone: 023 23 33639
Contact: Rashid Ahmad Champunga

Carbon Tanzania

P.O Box 425
Arusha, Tanzania
Marc Baker +255(0)784 448761
Jo Anderson +255(0)758 267205

Tanzania Youth Environmental Network (TAYEN)

P.O.BOX 34734
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Phone: +255 713 527551

Lake Victoria Environmental Education and Management (LEM)

P.O Box 6369
Mwanza, Tanzania
Phone: +255 758 920 008

Women Research and Documentation Project Association (WRDP)

P.O Box 35108
Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania
Tel: +255 762544553/786001123

Sustainable Holistic Initiatives Organization (SHIO)

P.O Box 1362
Morogoro, Tanzania
Phone: +255 787 717 730
Fax: +255 736618872

Tanzania Association of Women Leaders in Agriculture and Environment (TAWLAE)

P.O Box 76498
Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania
Tel: +255 (22) 2700085

Environment, Human Rights Care and Gender Organization (ENVIRO-CARE)

P. O Box 9824
Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania
Phone: +255 (22) 2775592
+ 255 (22) 2701407

Tanzania National Gender & Sustainable Energy Network (NGSEN)

P.O Box 6159
Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania
Phone: +255 732 202 742
+255 222 401 165

Tanzania Forest Conservation Group (TFCG)

P.O Box 23410
Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania
Tel/Fax: +255 222669007

Forum for Legal Assistant (FOLEA)

P.O Box 32198
Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania

Invest in Children and their Environment (ICS)

P.O Box 1195
Shinyanga, Tanzania
Phone: +255 2827962921

Christian Council of Tanzania (CCT)

P.O.Box 1454
Dodoma, Tanzania
Phone: +255 26232445/ 262324112
Fax: +255 262324352

Dodoma Environmental Network (DONET)

P.O Box 1414
Dodoma, Tanzania
Tel/Fax: +255 (026) 2324750

Tanzania Traditional Energy Development Organization (TaTEDO)

P.O Box 32794
Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania
Phone: +255 (022) 2700771
Fax: +255 (022) 2774400

Tanzania Albino Society (TAS)

P.O Box 9644
Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania
Phone: +255 (0) 222127815
+255 (0) 713 263 196

Tanzania Association of Environmental Engineers (TAEES)

P.O Box 35454
Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania
Phone: +255 787 349 717
+255 767 483 590

PAKAYA Culture and Environmental Group (PCEG)

P.O Box 42,
Kibiti, Tanzania.
Phone: 023-2010929.
Email: /

Jikomboe Integral Development Association (JIDA)

P.O Box 1934
Tabora, Tanzania
Telephone: +255 26 2604648,
Mobiles: +255 754 384330, +255 786 384330

Association of development of Protected Areas (ADAPTP)

P.O Box 15605
Arusha, Tanzania
Phone: +255 787 140 140

Traditional Medicine and Environmental Protection (TRAMEPRO)

P.O Box 42609
Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania
Phone: +255 715 371 482/743 978 149

Our Recent Post

This review is associated with the review of local governments’ (Three Districts and Villages) periodic plans and strategies and looking their alignment with the national documents for renewable energy, climate resilience and poverty reduction.

On 8th to 21st August CAN Tanzania will be doing the practical dissemination of the reviewed policy and strategy reviews to the three districts (Chalinze, Pangani and Lushoto) and villages (Kihangaiko, Pangani Mashariki and Mwangoi) respectively attracting stakeholders from district council members to District department officials. This will be associated with technical backstopping of theRead More…

CAN Tanzania is expecting to host a facilitation workshop on scaling up the role of renewable energy towards climate action and national industrialization in Tanzania on 4th and 5th September 2018 and it is expected to converge local, national and international stakeholders on energy sector to discuss on how to achieve 100% renewable energies inRead More…

Position: Program Officer Deadline: 27th July 2018 Duty station: Dar es Salaam Download PDF

Climate Action Network Tanzania in collaboration with Germanwatch e.V is implementing a model project aiming to empower young climate activists between 20 and 30 years – in the first phase mainly from Tanzania and Germany. The project overarching goal is to strengthen civil society driven grassroots-level education and advocacy on climate resilience (mitigation and adaptation)Read More…

To ensure Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) properly advocates and possess a working mechanism on communicating the needs of the society to authorities, the active and effective strategies and working in coalitions is key. Building on this background, a total of 20 participants from different CSOs from Dar-es-salaam, Lushoto, Pangani, Chalinze, and Dodoma, gathered in Dar-es-salaamRead More…

Climate Action Network Tanzania (CAN Tanzania) is expecting to conduct a National Civil Societies Organization Platform on 24th May 2018 in Dar-es-salaam. The Platform will bring together stakeholders from regions of Dar-es-salaam, Dodoma, Tanga, and Pwani. It will involve Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Faith Based Organizations (FBOs), Higher Learning Institutions, Women Based Organizations, Youth representatives andRead More…

On 2nd and 3rd May 2018, Climate action Network Tanzania conducted a facilitation workshop to review existing and develop local strategies and plans on Renewable Energy, climate resilience and poverty reduction for Local Government Authorities. This facilitation workshop is part of the technical backstopping to be provided to village and district officer to review existingRead More…

Climate Action Network Tanzania has been advocating the usefulness and the role that Renewable Energy technologies can play in emission reduction, energy efficiency and poverty reduction. More importantly, emphasis has been directed on how effectively can Renewable Energy be used productively for community resilience building in the context of climate change, while reducing poverty andRead More…

Education for Sustainable Development goes beyond awareness-raising. Rather than simply making people aware that they should live more sustainably, we are finding that it is through engaged, locally situated practices where real change occurs. This is why One day everyone will live and work in a Sustainability Commons. AW 65 Final JIM TAYLOR[22101]

The Empowerment for Climate Leadership program is on progress. Recently, participants in Tanzania have again joined together and share knowledge on different aspects of climate change. The meeting was facilitated by Climate Action network Tanzania. Newsletter

Written by Onditi Msololo, The escalating weather extremes exacerbated by Climate Change have already triggered unprecedented social havoc and food insecurity particularly in pastoralist and peasant communities in some areas of Tanzania.

Written by Shadrack Sylivester, Climate change and poverty are among of the major global challenges victimizing development efforts of many countries across the global. These challenges act like the twinning partners that are affecting each other as their reaction effects proceed in either side to the extent of creating a chaotic future if will notRead More…

Dar Es Salam, Tanzania, 17th October 2017: By deploying 100% renewable energy, Tanzania can provide access to reliable energy for all its citizens, while increasing living standards to the level of industrialized countries by 2050.

By Shadrack Sylivester, Climate Action Network Tanzania Tanzania is among the Least Developed Countries (LDCs) and many others in the world affected badly by loss and damage triggered by climate change, on other side of the coin it has gone further affected the national efforts towards sustainable development agenda. The risks are extremely predicted toRead More…

By Michiel Hermans, Climate Action Network (CAN) – Tanzania The increasing intensity and frequency of extreme weather events, erratic rainfall patterns, sea level rise and other climate events are causing loss and damage to human and natural systems. The public discourse on climate change appears to centre around two main pillars; mitigation and adaptation, leavingRead More…

By Msololo Onditi, Climate Action Network Tanzania Have you ever thought that climate induced loses and damages affect not only material and physical things, but also cultural practices, knowledge and how community interacts in different cultural settings? This was revealed during a 3 days training based on Climate induced Loss and Damage in Tanzania OrganizedRead More…

Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Tanzania are mainly focusing on increasing pro-poor energy access. To support this endeavor there is a necessity for regulations, policies and financial incentives that can enable access to reliable, affordable and sustainable modern energy services. Furthermore, notable investment in capacity building and awareness raising among key stakeholders, policy makers andRead More…

Climate change is one of the pressing issue in Tanzania, and media have been demonstrated to play a significant role in shaping the public perception and policy agenda, though a number of challenges remain unchecked on communicating climate change related agenda. Very unfortunate, Journalists are faced with multiple challenges in framing, packaging and communicating climateRead More…

Climate Action Network Tanzania is planned to conduct Training on advancing the role of Journalists in communicating Renewable Energy in the East African region on 16th October 2017 in Dar es Salaam.

Climate Action Network Tanzania is planned to conduct a High Level Conference and Workshop on 100% Renewable Energy scenario for Tanzania from 17th – 19th October 2017 in Dar es Salaam. Download PDF

With increased focus on industrialization, Tanzania aims to become a middle income economy by 2025, a vision well-articulated in its vision 2025 and FYDP II. As part of the contribution towards the country’s endeavor to become a middle income, CAN Tanzania is currently working on the 100% Renewable Energy Scenario Study which among other things,Read More…

The Climate Resilience and Sustainability – Young Leaders Training Course, organised by CAN Tanzania and Germanwatch is a model project to be launched in June 2017. Goal of the project is to strengthen civil society driven grassroot-level education and advocacy on climate resilience (mitigation and adaptation) activities. The project will receive additional guidance from anRead More…

Climate Action Network Tanzania is expecting to conduct the journalists training and national dialogue on communicating Climate Change to the public and across the globe. The idea behind this training and the dialogue in question is to strengthen and improve the contribution and efficiency of the journalists and other stakeholders in communicating Climate change initiativesRead More…

This project intends to strengthen the knowledge and understanding among stakeholders as away to reduce loss and damage associated with adverse impacts of climate change related to both extreme weather events and slow onset process. The overarching goal is therefore to capacitate stakeholders in Tanzania to undertake works that will address matters on economic andRead More…

The dialogues will focus on advocating for pro-poor services increased funds and improved policies and inclusive participation in planning and implementation. It will involve Community Based Organizations, media, women, smallholder farmers and pastoralists, fisher folks and the general public population. Finally, an information session will be organized to bring all the stakeholders together for resolutionsRead More…

Climate Action Network-Tanzania organized workshop with the aim to strengthening Civil Society Organizations and Extension workers on how to influence agriculture related policy, strategies and plans around climate change and poverty reduction The training was facilitated by an appropriate expert from the Ministry of Agriculture Livestock and Fisheries of the United Republic of Tanzania.

In 2016, CAN-Tanzania, the World Future Council and Bread for the World embarked on an 18-months project in Tanzania to develop a coherent strategy on how to implement 100% Renewable Energy as part of the country’s Sustainable Low Carbon Development (LCD) and Poverty Reduction Goals. This project builds on the previous experiences of the projectRead More…

Climate Action Network Tanzania under the slogan of Light The Way championed by the United Nations General Assembly held a meeting to cope with The General Debate of the 70th Session of the United Nations General Assembly that will take place from 28 September – 6 October 2015 discussing on how best the identified globalRead More…

Climate Action Network Tanzania organized a global day of action response intending to expose Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), the general public and government Leaders to experience and participate on a global day of action to demand governments to have clear plan for funding a sustainable future. The action focused on taking this opportunity to haveRead More…

TANZANIA CIVIL SOCIETY STATEMENT FOR THE CLIMATE SUMMIT-18th September 2014 We, the Civil Society Organisations working on climate change and environment-related issues in Tanzania united together under Forum CC, CAN Tanzania, Youth CAN and Oxfam Tanzania; share a common agenda for the upcoming UN Climate Summit 2014 which will be held in New York onRead More…

Climate Action Network Tanzania is expecting to conduct the journalists training and national dialogue on communicating Climate Change to the public and across the globe. The idea behind this training and the dialogue in question is to strengthen and improve the contribution and efficiency of the journalists and other stakeholders in communicating Climate change initiativesRead More…

Tanzania is among the lower income Sub-Saharan countries and many others across the globe badly impacted by loss and damage resulted from climate change whilst it has affected also the national efforts towards sustainable development. This burden is projected to increase severely if no effective measures taken to address the challenge in question in aRead More…

We are pleased to announce that the UN Climate Summit 2014 will be held in New York on 23rd September 2014. Following the lack of urgency and slow progress of the climate change negotiations and actions at global, national and local levels whereby the impacts of climate change have already affected the world especially theRead More…

June 6, 2017: The Paris Agreement represents an unprecedented global consensus on an issue of extreme urgency – a collective agreement by the world’s governments to do what is needed to limit global warming to well below 2 degrees Celsius. The decision to withdraw the U.S. from the Agreement signals that the Trump administration isRead More…

US withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, developing countries must stand firm

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