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Like most of the recent approaches in research activities, the CLRC using its team and special working groups, volunteer its services and expertise to the broader community. Being an upcoming research Centre on livelihoods in the context of climate change, the CLRC engages Community Based Organizations as its umbrella organization to serves as a central hub for community outreach. It also fosters civic-minded community leaders and promotes service and activism among the civil societies particularly those voicing out the cries and hurdles facing the marginalized vulnerable rural poor in Tanzania
The CLRC emphasizes on the Humanities-based studies and investigations endeavor and collaborative research initiative that promotes understanding of, and dialogue on, the historical and cultural livelihood forces that have shaped the responses of the vulnerable poor to the impacts of the changing climate.
Currently imbedded with Climate Action Network Tanzania, (CAN Tanzania), the CLRC contributes on the Projects being implemented in partnership with local, regional, and international institutions/organization and several local community special groups.

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This review is associated with the review of local governments’ (Three Districts and Villages) periodic plans and strategies and looking their alignment with the national documents for renewable energy, climate resilience and poverty reduction.

On 8th to 21st August CAN Tanzania will be doing the practical dissemination of the reviewed policy and strategy reviews to the three districts (Chalinze, Pangani and Lushoto) and villages (Kihangaiko, Pangani Mashariki and Mwangoi) respectively attracting stakeholders from district council members to District department officials. This will be associated with technical backstopping of theRead More…

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