Participatory and Inclusive planning and implementation

Participatory and Inclusive planning and implementation

Project Details

Period of the project

One-year project from October 2018 to December 2019


Project description

The project aims to build resilience against impacts of climate change and variability to vulnerable groups of smallholder farmers and pastoralists in villages located within Lake Natron ecosystem in Longido district, Arusha region.


Context of the project

The project deals with the consequences of climate change on vulnerable groups of women, men, and youth who are smallholder farmers and pastoralists in two Maasai villages (Olmolog and Ildonyo). These vulnerable groups largely depend on natural resources provided by the ecosystem around them with unsustainable livelihoods from extensive pastoralism and almost no farming.


Objective of the project

To enhance capacities and socio-economic/livelihood activities of the local (indigenous) community and local authorities on sustainable natural resource use while building community resilience and grassroots level development agendas.


Approach of the project

The approach of the project is to use community participatory and inclusive planning and implementation of adaptive activities with Ecosystem based Adaptation (EbA) and Participatory Integrated Climate Services for Agriculture and Pastoralism (PICSAP).


Commissioned by 

UNDP GEF Small grants


Regions/country in which the project takes place

Longido District in Arusha Region


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