Exploring Sustainable Low Carbon Development Pathways

This project intended to combine both climate protection and sustainable development initiatives.
The overall goal was to capacitate local stakeholders on how to develop Low Carbon Development Strategies, which are nationally appropriate, sustainable development-oriented; human rights based and place a special focus on social justice. The project engaged ministries, and members of parliament on how policies should be anchored to embrace Low Carbon Development Strategies;



100% Renewable Energy (RE), Low Carbon Development (LCD) and Poverty Reduction in Tanzania

This project, embraces an inclusive and interactive approach, engaging local stakeholders and key decision-makers in the energy transformation process. Since its inception the project has been:
Inspiring stakeholders and building hands on knowledge on how 100% RE adds value to local economic development and community sustainability;
Strengthening synergies, networks and platforms for multi-stakeholder dialogue and follow up at the national level among government, parliamentary committees, policy-makers, civil society, trade unions, churches and media on LCD, poverty reduction and 100% RE;
Identifying necessary legislation and policy reforms in relation to LCD and 100% RE.



Strengthening and Improving the Contribution and Efficiency of Environmental Civil Society Organisations for National Climate Resilience and Poverty Reduction in Tanzania

Strengthening and Improving the Contribution and Efficiency of Environmental Civil Society Organizations for National Climate Resilience and Poverty Reduction in Tanzania, is a project building on the experiences of previous activities in which CAN-Tanzania have been engaged with in past years, with overarching idea in developing a platform where enhanced capacities and strengthened policy dialogue among Environmental CSOs and other stakeholders to influence changes towards building community resilience are conducted.



Empowerment for Climate Leadership

This is a model project aiming to empower young activists between 20 and 30 - in the first phase mainly from and in Tanzania and Germany. It is basically a Climate Resilience and Sustainability - Young Leaders Training organised by CAN Tanzania and Germanwatch. Goal of the project is to strengthen civil society driven grassroot-level education and advocacy on climate resilience (mitigation and adaptation) activities. The project will receive additional guidance from an international steering group with WESSA South Africa, CEE India and ESD expert .net Germany/international.



Financing our Future

The project intended to raise and amplify community’s voice by calling on all leaders around the world, to live up to the once in a lifetime opportunity in 2015 to make huge progress in tackling poverty, inequality and climate change. The project goal was to show concern and unpack priorities before the adoption of the new global development goals, which have the potential to shape the next 15 years of global development and create momentum for a long-term climate agreement in December 2015.



Capacity Enhancement to Address Climate Induced Loss and Damage Tanzania

This project intends to strengthen the knowledge and understanding among stakeholders as away to reduce loss and damage associated with adverse impacts of climate change related to both extreme weather events and slow onset process. The overarching goal is therefore to capacitate stakeholders in Tanzania to undertake works that will address matters on economic and non-economic losses, slow onset processes and tackle questions on how loss and damage affects vulnerable communities and influence migrations (rural-rural and rural-urban)



Participatory and Inclusive Planning and Implementation: A Capacity Enhancement Approach for Community resilience & sustainable development in Western Kilimanjaro-Lake Natron ecosystem

The project target is to enhance capacities and socio-economic/livelihood activities of local community and local authorities on sustainable natural resource use while building community resilience and grassroots levels development agenda. Robust measures on ecosystem based adaptation, and sustainable resources use as identified in the available guiding national strategies and international agreements will be decentralized to realize the goals. In order to ensure the empowerment of rural communities, the Participatory Integrated Climate Services for Community (PICSCO) approach will be used.



Aligning Climate resilience, Sustainable Development and Poverty Reduction in Tanzania

This project contributes to enhance climate resilient, poverty reduction and sustainable development focusing on key sectors, particularly agriculture, natural resources management and energy in Tanzania.
The project also enhances the capacities of CSOs, selected local government authorities, ministries, media, policy makers and other relevant stakeholders to tackle climate resilient sustainable development issues at both, community and national policy levels, and to better integrate the various approaches and policies, which could serve this purpose. By the end of this project, we expect the two selected specific issues of (i) reducing climate induced impacts, and (ii) promoting 100% renewable energies to become the national policy agenda, and to be practically addressed in mitigation and adaptation policies, plans and strategies

Our Recent Post

This review is associated with the review of local governments’ (Three Districts and Villages) periodic plans and strategies and looking their alignment with the national documents for renewable energy, climate resilience and poverty reduction.

On 8th to 21st August CAN Tanzania will be doing the practical dissemination of the reviewed policy and strategy reviews to the three districts (Chalinze, Pangani and Lushoto) and villages (Kihangaiko, Pangani Mashariki and Mwangoi) respectively attracting stakeholders from district council members to District department officials. This will be associated with technical backstopping of theRead More…

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