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Tanzania is endowed with abundant, high-quality renewable resources, much of which is untapped. So far, Tanzania’s potential to shift to renewable energy remains virtually unclear. Despite its acknowledged role to provide security of energy supply, economic development and environment protection, currently renewable energy policy is not in place. With key focuses on renewable energy in Tanzania we are working on the topic to make sure that policies and strategies for leapfrogging to 100% renewable energy is a reality in Tanzania. Our programme prioritizes  developing 100% renewable energy and poverty reduction scenarios focusing on policies, investments, awareness raising and technologies for an easy take up renewable energy  potentials


Renewable energy potentiality and livelihood scenarios

Maximizing the use of renewable energy share in national energy mix should remain one of the major energy policy goals for livelihood development and economic growth in Tanzania. This is built in the fact that renewable energy has a significant role to play in the electrification of rural areas and contribute towards sustainable development and efforts to reduce poverty. With this situation, we capitalize on bringing together all the stakeholders to collectively sensitize the public to realize the full potentials of renewable energy, at the same time insisting on addressing both the associated demand-side and supply–side constraints as a key requisite. We are calling for strategic subsidies and tax incentives on renewable energy technologies, equal and adequate entrepreneurial support, strengthened institutional arrangement and a wider promotion of community-based organizations as the necessary fast growing approach in promoting 100% renewable energy and relevant technologies in the country


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This review is associated with the review of local governments’ (Three Districts and Villages) periodic plans and strategies and looking their alignment with the national documents for renewable energy, climate resilience and poverty reduction.

On 8th to 21st August CAN Tanzania will be doing the practical dissemination of the reviewed policy and strategy reviews to the three districts (Chalinze, Pangani and Lushoto) and villages (Kihangaiko, Pangani Mashariki and Mwangoi) respectively attracting stakeholders from district council members to District department officials. This will be associated with technical backstopping of theRead More…

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