A powerful team is the foundation of a fruitful and effective organization.  We achieve great project outcomes as we combine our individual strengths and skills to achieve our vision. We are all committed and passionate to have a positive impact to the Tanzanian community.

"When I was 18, I wanted to become a teacher. I studied Geography and Environmental Sciences in my Bachelor degree. But my focus shifted to climate change and natural resources as I wanted to understand the science behind climate change and limited resources in order to use the knowledge to contribute to my community. In 2019 I completed my PhD in Geography and Environmental Science which is useful to discuss and localize international issues and related sciences. CAN TZ has been built on partnership, passion and professionalism. With a team composed of local and international colleagues we are growing steadily and successfully. We are a network which provides opportunities for everyone who would like to contribute to the climate change debate and related solutions."

Sixbert Mwanga

Executive Director sixbert@cantz.or.tz

"I am an environment scientist, holding a B.Sc. in Aquatic Environmental Science and Conservation. I'm well experienced on coastal and marine environment conservation and natural resource and biodiversity  management, as well as community based conservation and project planning and management. Currently I am pursuing my M.Sc. in Climate Change and Sustainable Development."

Boniventure Mchomvu

Head of Programmes venture@cantz.or.tz

"I was always interested how people are able to adjust themselves to every environment that they are living in and CAN TZ is dealing with exactly that. Here we are able to experience and influence this process. I studied Sociology and to enlarge my understanding I pursued a masters in demography afterwards. Our work in the organization is very multidisciplinary and I get a lot of exposure to the issues of the communities we are dealing with. We are working on enhancing and strengthening the climate resilience of them daily. We are a growing network and team work is very important to us, with our members or in the CAN TZ team."

Wande Rajabu

Project Admin Officer wande@cantz.or.tz

"In my village I learnt that many people are not aware about the management of natural resources. Although they depend on them, they destroy them. When I realized that I chose to do my Bachelor’s degree in environment planning and management  but when I started working with it I noticed the impact of climate change and I wanted to gain more knowledge on that. So I attained a study scholarship from the European Union that took me to Ethiopia for the Master’s degree in climate and society, specialized in applied climate science. Later I joined the CAN TZ team because it is a unique organization with a big network, dealing with climate change and related issues with the goal of sustainable adaptation of the communities to the changes. If we stay down-to-earth, work hard and continue working as a team I believe we can reach even more people to spread our knowledge."

Tondelo Vitus


"I am passionate about the impacts of climate change on our planet. My BA in Journalism serves as a fundament to communicate the effects of climate change at local as well as at governmental level. While focusing on Peace & Conflict Studies in my Master, with a special focus on sustainable cotton supply chains, I am currently learning about the linkages between climate change and IDs in East Africa."

Annika Rach

Communication & Networking Advisor annika@cantz.or.tz

"I‘m from Arusha where elephants and lions are just walking past you. The wildlife was right in front of my door and became my passion. I did my first degree in wildlife science and conservation to give something back to them and protect their beauty. When I started working on environmental issues I realized that my knowledge is limited so I went for the masters in environmental science and engineering. Now I can contribute to socio-economic challenges as well. CAN TZ is contributing tangibly and measurably to mitigation and to the Tanzanian community. We have to consider the future generation and CAN TZ as a think-and-do tank can play its part to ensure that Tanzania is going to implement all the policies for a sustainable community."

Jophillene Bejumula

Project Officer

"In the CAN TZ office we respect one another and trust the team, trust that with our teamwork we are going to be successful. We are growing and I am happy to be a part of it. With my Bachelors in accounting I can work in any organization, but CAN TZ represents my values and with the confidence in our work we create a special environment."

Levina Sawere


"I joined CAN TZ back in 2018 as a volunteer of the weltwärts program. Over one year I was introduced into the Tanzanian civil society, impacts of climate change and, most importantly, the fight against it. I benefited a lot from the organization’s diverse team and even had the chance to contribute my grain of sand. Since I left Tanzania physically and started my BA in International Relations, I have always been strongly connected to the organization, assisting whenever support is needed."

Lennart Merse


''I joined CAN TZ in September 2020 as Assistant to the Finance Officer. I hold an Advanced Diploma in Accountancy. With my experience, I do not only support Finance, also Administration and event management planning. Working for CAN TZ is special to me, as I enjoy working as a team with colleagues. We practice a friendly communication and support each other where we can - especially in stressful situations.''

Lucy Asenga

Finance Assistant officer lucy@cantz.or.tz