For those who have been watching and reading the local news, you should be aware that the East African region and Tanzania in particular has experienced extreme weather events such as abnormal heavier rains and prolonged droughts. El Niño phenomenon and its impacts has been linked to these events that have affected communities and their livelihood activities. I know from first-hand experience that these extreme events are influenced by climate change and have great potentials to impinge efforts to attain sustainable development and community wellbeing. Our team is committed to support and advocate for the development and implementation of effective national policies and projects that respond to, and prevent, further climate change whilst reducing poverty and ensuring long-term sustainable development. Looking at meteorological data it is clear that climate and environmental challenges will become more pronounced in the future which means our community will continue to suffer the most if not well prepared. This is because majority Tanzanians still depend on climate sensitive sectors such as agriculture, water, fishing, transport and tourism that are not yet climate resilient. That is why CAN Tanzania in the next fiveyear period is visioning a Tanzania where all communities are empowered to be climate resilient and all citizens are working together to mitigate further climate change, whilst using our natural resources wisely. Definitely, this is not an easy pathway and may be even a more challenging roadmap for climate action in Tanzania as most of policies are still unharmonized and resources are limited. Nevertheless, we have no shortcut but to face the reality if we are to complement what the government, development partners and other stakeholders are already doing. As civil society, our team cannot delay anymore while community needs climate solutions. To achieve the intended target CAN Tanzania is focusing on: l Conducting scientific researches to explore community climate change and poverty related challenges and provide platform for public dialogues on how to address them; l Undertaking relevant local based research, disseminating and using the findings in lobbying and advocacy for policy change and/or improved implementation at local levels; l Organizing workshops/ seminars among stakeholders from government institutions, private sector, development partners and civil society to discuss the current and future climate change and environmental related effects on community wellbeing and economic growth; l Promotes awareness among stakeholders on Green Growth and a climate resilient economy; l Strengthen partnership with likeminded stakeholders with a focus of increasing synergies to amplify the impacts of our work towards community and institutions climate resilience; l Develop and implement relevant projects and programmes that aim to build and strengthen capacities and engagement of local communities in sustainable natural resource utilization; l Supports the adaptation and implementation of international policy and agreements by engaging with national policy and decisions makers to embrace Agenda 2030 and the Paris Agreement in the Tanzanian context; I kindly invite everyone; employees, volunteers, interns, partners, donors, members, funders to join the movement as their contributions will always count. Please feel free to find what you want on our website. Nevertheless, you are welcome to contact us any time and we will be happy to respond quickly. We truly appreciate your support and trust that will help us to build community resilient. Together we protect the earth

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This review is associated with the review of local governments’ (Three Districts and Villages) periodic plans and strategies and looking their alignment with the national documents for renewable energy, climate resilience and poverty reduction.

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