Baseline Study

In November 2019 we conducted a baseline study to find out about the existing knowledge regarding clean and affordable energies.

The aim of this project is to influence communities, LGAs, CSOs and media to prioritise the transition to clean and affordable energy in their agenda and plans through lobbying and advocacy. The entire project is based on the conducted baseline study, which surveyed the current implementation and existing potential of transitioning to green energy. This will align with various capacity building activities such as clean energy technologies and clean cooking. The effective use of clean energy for LGAs, village leaders, community development groups, CSOs and highly marginalised groups such as woman and youth will be promoted as well. The study will provide a benchmark for technical backstopping for local CSOs and will reveal the existing potential for transitioning to clean and affordable energy in Tanzania. 

During strategic meetings and trainings a lobbying strategy will be developed to steer the green energy transition. Furthermore, we are going to organise a clean energy essay and drawing competition as well as discussions in secondary schools to enhance the public dialogue on transitioning to clean and affordable energy. Throughout the whole process of the project monitoring and evaluation will be performed to ensure effective and efficient project outcomes.

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