Climate Action Network Tanzania hosts the international CAN Annual Strategy Meeting in Arusha

Press Release 17th February 2020 

For the first time CAN TZ becomes the host for an international gathering of more than 150 climate change experts from around the globe under the theme “Building Power and Action in a Climate Emergency”
From 25-29 February CAN TZ will host climate experts from more than 90 countries as part of the CAN International member Annual Strategy Meeting in Arusha. As a preparatory engagement, 20 African experts will come together from 23-24 February as an African Advisory group meeting to find common ground and speak with one voice at the following international gathering.

Under the theme “Building Power and Action in a Climate Emergency” the aim is to discuss a strategy among the Climate Action Network members for 2020 and further beyond to address the climate crisis appropriately as well as to develop effective strategies and plans. The strategy meeting in 2020 will be an opportunity to deepen CAN’s renewed approach of becoming a bottom up driven network; to develop impactful strategies focusing on their three key pillars of Ambition, Impacts and Support; and to become inspired and energized by the climate movement around the world. Plenary discussions, group work and capacity building workshops are planned to share knowledge on how we can make the most of our collective resources we have at our disposal; and achieve the highest impact possible. Furthermore, it will identify the key priorities for this year and develop the strategies that work to build power and create the momentum that is needed in 2020.

CAN TZ Civil Society Organization (CSOs) members will join the meeting to strengthen their ties with other CSOs, exchange best practices and empower each other to successfully protect their communities from climate-induced extreme weather events. The Climate Action Network follows the approach to build power from bottom-up. The idea is to strengthen communities on local levels in times of climate emergency, rather than hoping for policy changes from the top.

The Climate Action Network Tanzania (CAN TZ), based in Dar es Salaam, is an environmental non-governmental and non-profit organization, founded in 2011, that works towards climate sustainability through enhanced community livelihood activities and a climate-resilient economy in Tanzania. CAN TZ cooperates with more than 50 Civil Society Organizations across the country. Furthermore, CAN TZ organizes workshops among stakeholders from government institutions and ministries, private sector, development partners as well as civil society to discuss the current and future climate change and environmental related effects on community wellbeing and economic growth. Projects target the adoption of low carbon growth, poverty reduction through enhanced community livelihood activities and hence a climate resilient-economy among citizens. Furthermore, CAN TZ aims to localize the international climate agenda and agreements into local context.

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