Conduct Quantitative and Qualitative Research

To make sure we can enhance people’s resilience towards climate change best, our work is evidence-based. We conduct quantitative and qualitative research that helps us to tackle climate change threats precisely and to meet poverty related challenges. Data is not only kept within our network; we provide a platform for public dialogue where communities can share their personal experiences related to climate change issues. Furthermore, we use our scientific data to undermine strategies for policy changes which can be implemented at local levels accordingly.

Organize Workshops and Seminars

Based on our research results, we organize workshops and seminars among stakeholders from government institutions and ministries, private sector, development partners and civil society to discuss the current and future climate change and environmental related effect on community wellbeing and economic growth. Furthermore, promote awareness among stakeholders on low carbon development pathways for green growth and a climate-resilient economy. For us it is especially important to strengthen partnership with likeminded stakeholders with a focus on increasing synergies to amplify the impacts of our work towards community and institutions climate resilience.

Develop and Implement Projects

As a final step, we develop and implement relevant projects and programs tailored for the specific communities. We aim to build as well as strengthen capacities and engagement of local communities in sustainable natural resource utilization. Once the project has been implemented, we continue our work with the community and conduct further research to make sure our process from theory to practice is still up to date.

"I’m a member of a women group and I’d like to establish a tree planting program to compensate the loss from firewood cutting and charcoal making. My biggest wish is having a law to ban people from littering. They have to keep the environment clean. I wish to be a pioneer in environment protection."

Farashuu Mohamed, Chef