Climate and Livelihood Research Center

Developing a self-sufficient research center that serves as the Tanzanian model village of the future.


Different approaches regarding human capital accessibility and livelihood resilience will become visible through diversification methods on established model fields. In this green village we will examine existing data, conduct further research, facilitate workshops and offer our partners the opportunity to interact with an international community.


Tanzania is highly affected by climate change and the consequences can be seen in all sectors. The CLRC is going to address all different areas and connect them. We want to provide space for new and innovative thoughts. There is a need for an institution that links scientist with the communities and this is exactly the purpose of our center. It is going to represent CAN TZs ultimate goal, becoming the first Think-and-do tank in the country. We believe that together we can create a better and sustainable future. 


Because of the unique multi-purpose structure of the center everyone is a a potential beneficiary of the CLRC. 

Residents of the Bagamoyo district come together in informal or formal meetings; small-scale farmers and fisherman participate in workshops and trainings; communities host conferences, meetings or cultural events; students visit the site on a field trip; village leaders discuss on political issues; organizations host events on their topics; scientists conduct research and exchange knowledge; private companies showcase their products. Everyone who is interested in climate change issues or community activities will be able to use this center and benefit from the activities there. 


The centre will help the organization to provide services to the community in more innovative pathways.

The publicizing of knowledge through training and teaching is crucial to ensure that research outcomes reach the ones benefit from the improvements that can be madeWith the conducted research it is possible to implement model projects directly at the site. Moreover, researchers can work closely together and exchange their knowledge because the center is the focal point. Another important activity that is going to shape the center is networking. Networking is going to take place on many levels as there are going to be conferences, events and meetings.


Bagamoyo District, Tanzania


August 2019 to June 2021

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The overall objective of building the Climate and Livelihood Research Center is the establishment of the first Think-and-Do-Tank in Tanzania. We want to elaborate our actions and efforts by setting-up a center which combines all of our forces and provides space for new and innovative thoughts. We want to include all the sectors dealing with climate change and we want to work together with other like-minded organizations, companies and single persons to develop solutions and perspectives for Tanzania in the global context of climate change. Inspection of the project site The CAN TZ team went to the project site on Friday, the 20th of September to get an overview on the qualities and possibilities of the property. The site is located about 85 km north-west of Dar

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