PUB: MARCH 01, 2024
Call for Designing and Installation of a 10x6m Prefabricated Conference Hall and 2.5x2m Attached Office
CAN Tanzania is seeking a well reputable and experienced firm to design and install a prefabricated venue with an attached mini-office.

The contractor is expected to undertake the design and installation of10x6m Prefabricated Conference Hall and 2.5x2m Attached Office satisfactorily with the use of appropriate equipment and techniques.

Download the Terms of Reference (ToRs) and submit your offer for the design and installation based on the provided ToRs.

Potential bidder shall ensure submission of the following.

• Detailed technical and financial proposal.

• Architectural drawings (layout plan)

• Detailed Bill of quantity

• Detailed implementation plan

• Clearly state the project defect liability period of not less than six months.

Questions and bids should be submitted in writing to CAN Tanzania through by 10th March 2024 and 20th March 2024 respectively.