PUB: OCTOBER 20, 2022
Call for construction of 1 Earth Dam in Hai District
Submit your offer for designing and construction of earth dam in Ngosero village of Hai District in Kilimanjaro.

We are looking a contractor to design and construct one earth dam in Ngosero village.

The contractor is expected to unterake the design and construction of one earth dam in a satsifactory manner with the use of appripriate equiment and techniques..

Download our Terms of Reference (ToRs) and submit your offer for the construction based on the ToRs.

How to submit your offer

Your offer should inlcude:

a). Proposal including methodology, materials, equipment/technology, schedule and budget (financal offer with daily fees in TZS)

b).CVs of lead consultant and relevant team members

c) Desciption of available equiment and technology

d) Evidendce of experience

c). Technical/specific proposal with an explanation and justification of the methods to be used.

d). Financial proposal – with the complete estimated cost-covering fee and any ancillary costs to be incurred


The submission should be made before or on 30th October 2022.

Please send all documents by email with subject “Contractor to design and construct one earth dam in Ngosero village in Hai District, near Mt. Kilimanjaro’” to and copy them to Boniventure Mchomvu ( and Jacquiline Massao ( ).