Published: DECEMBER 22, 2021
“We need data” - To know what is happening - To know what to do - For complex discsion making data is the foundation. Good data provides in real-time relevant information to make informed discissions. The Paris Agreement emphasizes that for tackling the challenges of climate change we have to mobilize and utilize the best available knowledge. Therefore reliable data is needed for climate action from mitigation uptil to adaptation. This was the key message from the event on Data and Climate change in scope of the Data Tamasha 2021. Nonetheless the panelist emphasized that good data on it’s on is not sufficient. Beyond advanced analytics of them they have to be also presented in a useable and understandable format. Sharing, disseminating and explaining data is as important as measuring and generating accurate reliable data. Stakeholders and decision makers need data on risk and climate vulnerability to be presented in away that they can connect and understand what action,they could or should take. A good example on that were presented from the Tanzanian Meteorology Authority (TMA) by presenting there approach towards Climate Services.Instead of just forecasting how the weather will be, the forcasting and services are switching more and more to : what the weather will do. Meaning with a strong focus on impact and advisory the TMA is in the way to give end users as farmers data in away they understand and can base their decision on them. Apart of understanding data, the access to data and information is also one main burden. This is best illustrated by the struggle to disseminate Climate Services to smallholders as farmer, fisher and pastoralist. The digital economy can play a catalytic roll in making climate information accessible. Ranging form Climate Information disseminated via SMS upto Data Hubs as the East African Hazard Watch digital products will become more and more part of adaptation and mitigation in Tanzania. Dr. Sixbert form the Climate Action Network Tanzania, as one of the panelists summarized the challenge of Data: “ We need data that shows what do”.