Published: FEBRUARY 15, 2022
Ater years of engagements and consultations, the idea to establish CAN Africa was discussed in the CAN Global general assembly in February 2020 with the agenda led by African members. CAN Africa was official Af ly launched in May 2021 in Arusha-Tanzania, where the offices will be developed after a common agreement of members. The operations of CAN Africa are coordinated by CAN Tanzania under the leadership of Dr. Sixbert Mwanga as interim secretariat. Vision To tackle the climate change, for which Africa is a hotspot with majority vulnerable communities, CAN Africa wants to significantly contribute to a strong and well-coordinated African civil society that can impactfully push for its demands Mission Coordinate bottom up approach and amplify voices with grassroot supported evidences from our members and stakeholders for advocacy at national governments, regional bodies and continental and international for enhanced climate resilience. Thematic working areas Resilience & adaptation Enhancing resilience and adaptation of local communities through nature/ecosystem-based services and solutions that consider African needs and capacity. Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) Enhancing the development and implementation of NDCs to limit emissions to below 1.50C. This is to ensure livelihood and sustainable development. Energy Preventing proliferation of fossil fuels through promotion of the use of renewable energy and sustainable energy access for all. Institutional capacity strengthening Strengthening regional and national nodes to empower grassroot movements for informed regional and global advocacy and strategies through bottom-up approach.