Published: MAY 26, 2022
The Climate Action Network Tanzania joined the Adaptation Research Alliance (ARA) ! We are thrilled to be now member of a strong and diverse network for action-orientated research on adaptation. ARA envision transformative change in the way adaptation research is done. To fast-track adaptation we need knowledge and actions. We are a think-and-do thank. For us research and action goes hand in hand. We do research to make an impact. We do research to take actions. We are committed to be innovative and creative together with ARA members to catalyze climate action through research. We are convinced about the Theory of Change of ARA : Climate Action need to be informed by research. We are committed to need-driven research focusing to generate actionable knowledge for adaptation. ARA identfied six key principles for Research for Impact that should guide research in to generate actionable adaptation knowledge. We endorse the Adaptation Research for Impact principles. Our research on adaptation apply those principles in practice for agriculture and climate services in Tanzania. We want to continue to be inspired by our work but also challenged as we learn from ARA membership. We are committed to Research for Impact. We hope to find new collaboration partners for further research projects within the ARA. Beyond we hope to learn and exchange on innovative approaches to generate more actionable knowledge for adaptation. Additionally, we seek for opportunities to deepens it policy and advocacy work on adaptation, energy transitions through renewables and climate finance. We bring in local (East Africa) context skills, expertise, knowledge and network that was built over more than 10 year in-field experience with adaptation and just energy transition projects. We bring experience in research, policy and implementation. We a thrilled to leverage with ARA Research for Impact to link actionable knowledge with adaptation actions.