Published: NOVEMBER 19, 2021
Together with CAN Africa the delegation of CAN TZ pushed awareness for urgent issues of African countries at COP26. In specific CAN Africa amplified and united the voices of stakeholders demanding to put climate financing and loss & damages on the top of the agenda. Without addressing the issue of climate financing for adaptation and mitigation the pressing and urgently needed building of climate resilience in Africa is slowed down. Slowing down adaptation and mitigation will cause increased irreversible loss & damages. Already presently loss & damages calls for support, technical and financial, in order to handle the unprecedented impacts. CAN Africa advocates together with its network members for a climate justice future with a strong focus on the needs of African people. The Vision of CAN Africa To tackle the climate change for which Africa is a hotspot with majority vulnerable communities, CAN Africa wants to significantly contribute to a strong and well-coordinated civil society that can impactfully push for its demands. The Mission of CAN Africa Coordinate bottom up approach and amplify voices with grassroot supported evidences from our members and stakeholders for advocacy at national governments, regional bodies and continental and international for enhanced climate resilience. CAN Africa gets ready for positioning these urgent issues in the spotlight of the upcoming COP27. The COP27 will be hosted in Africa and is therefore the perfect space to showcase what climate action is needed in Africa.