Aligning Climate Resilience, Sustainable Development, and Poverty Reduction (Phase III)

2023 - 2026

Tanzania has high-quality and enough renewable energy sources to meet most of the country's energy demands. Still, most of these sources have remained unutilized. The Aligning II project supported the co-development of important national frameworks, including the ongoing National Renewable Energy Strategy and the road map to expand renewable energy utilization in Tanzania.

However, limited decentralization of the national energy-related framework is a significant obstacle to achieving the full potential impact of the national strategy on renewable energy, economic development, and social welfare at the local level. This limitation is due to several factors, including limited local resources, inadequate awareness to support renewable energy technology, conflicting frameworks, centralization in the nature of policies, limited stakeholder participation, and weak coordination between different stakeholders. 

Aligning III is a 3 years project funded by Bread for the World which aims to integrate Renewable Energy and Climate services to inform strategic sectors such as Agriculture, Livestock, Water and Fisheries in Tanzania by 2026. This project will be conducted in 4 Districts namely; Bagamoyo, Chalinze, Lushoto and Pangani.

Project Impact

What this project will achieve
Provide Climate Services to 5101 households, who will be reached through the SMS Portal and trained CSOs, extension workers and NMs
Train and build the capacity of the traditional weather forecasters available in the project districts
National Policy and Political frameworks mainstream and integrate Renewable Energy and climate change aspects to inform strategic sectors’ (agriculture, livestock, water, and fisheries) by 2026.

CAN on the field

Field photographs and videos

CAN Tanzania staff interviewing a villager from Mivumoni

Village leaders during the Focus Group Discussion at Mazizi Village

Key Informants Interviews at Chalinze District

CAN Tanzania staff interviewing a villager from Msaraza Village during Baseline survey

Focus Group Discussion at Mazizi

Focus Group Discussion at Mivumoni

Aligning III Baseline

Project Publications

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