Published: APRIL 22, 2022 DOWNLOAD

To fast-track climate actions in Tanzania we need guiding national polices and frameworks.

The recently released updated National Environmental Policy 2021 (NEP 2021) will be the major guiding document that will shape and determine Tanzanian environmental policies across all sectors. It can be key for resource mobilization, policy work and implementation around climate change challenges and related environmental challenges.

We analysed the NEP2021 and published a policy communication on

 how to use the NEP2021 to leverage climate action. (Download here)

The policy communication contains:

-          A Analysis of NEP 2021: Understand the NEP2021, it structure and objectives with focus on climate action

-          ideas of engagement Learn how to get active, learn about your windows of opportunities as CSO, Research Institution, Development partner or private sector to engage activitly for fruitful realization of NEP2021.

-          A vision for a participatory stakeholder process Get inspired by our vision of an just participatory and inclusive stakeholder process to co-design impactful action plan.

We hope that the policy communication helps you and you partners to get an active stakeholder pushing for fruitful climate action rooted and nurtured with in NEP2021. We want to leverage with you on the potential of NEP2021 to fast-track climate actions in TZ.


A coalition for NEP2021 realization: Just and fast climate action rooted in NEP2021

We want a strong engagement and involvement of the public and private sectors. We are set to connect and exchange with organisations that are interested to be part of the stakeholder engagement process around NEP 2021 and climate actions. Together we can form a coalition exchanging experience and knowledge and strengthening the role of the public and private sector around NEP2021 engagement and implementation process.

Our objective is to ensure a just and fast realization of climate action rooted in NEP2021.

We want vulnerable groups (woman, youth, indigenous, smallholders etc.) to have a voices and active role in co-design of action plans and in realization of NEP2021.

We want you to be part of it: Reach-out to if you want to be actively involved.