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In our annual report 2020 reflect on the challenges and achivements of the year 2020.

Explore our work and learn how we empower communities to build-up climate reslience. With our activties we progress togther on the road towards sustainable development and poverty reduction. 

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The climate change is real and here to stay with us, with business-as-usual scenarios, climate crisis will continue to threaten and impair the wellbeing and security of the current and future social development including food security, gender equality and financial stability of the global population specifically in global south. Global and local community urge to actively take bold and radical climate actions to bring the global temperature levels to well below 1.5ºC as well as building climate resilience of the most vulnerable population. "We are the first generation to feel the sting f climate change, and we are the last generation that can do something about it,” said Jay Inslee

I frankly acknowledge and appreciate everyone who, in one way or another, contributed to the implementation of activities and successes that CAN Tanzania undertook in the year 2020.  I sincerely express my heartfelt thanks to CAN Tanzania Board, Secretariat, Network Members for their enthusiasm and assiduous efforts towards accomplishing what was planned for the year 2020 on complimenting Tanzania government efforts and the benefit of our diversified stakeholders.

I am also grateful to thank all our development partners who made valuable supports on the attainment of planned for the year 2020. Not in the order of importance, I hereby express my sincere appreciations to: Bread for the World (BftW), HIVOs Limited, Hanns Seidel Foundation -Regional Sustainable Network (HSF-RASN), Climate Action Network International (CANI) through Node Development Fund and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) Tanzania for their eminent support. CAN Tanzania would wish to reinforce its engagement in the coming years and work in the most challenging and cross-cutting areas that our population are facing.

The areas that CAN Tanzania anticipate working on include: realization of renewable energy, climate services, low carbon development pathways, strengthen partnership with like-minded organization policy advocating, capacity building and localizing regional and international frameworks and agreements.   As well as environment and natural resources management. These are the critical areas that CAN Tanzania continue doing in collaboration with other like-minded organizations.


Dr Sixbert S. Mwanga

Executive Director,

Climate Action Network Tanzania