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This Renewable Energy Baseline Data Assessment Report anaylised aviable data on RE in TZ and reviewied key policy in the RE sector. It guides you through the complex landscape of RE in TZ , showcase gaps & challenges concluding in recommondation for policymakers and implementers how to fast-track RE in TZ.

Key Message:

Tanzania government and other key energy stakeholders in the country need to reflect on this renewable energy baseline report for further data availability, reliability and viability for energy sector development in Tanzania. 


o   Mobilize human and financial resources for short and long -term projections, and plans for advancement in terms of research, technological transfer and exploitation of renewable energy resources in Tanzania.

o   Continue enhancing cost effective mapping and quantify all renewable energy potentials including uranium, geothermal, solar, wind and alike in the north, south and central regions of Tanzania.

o   Development of decentralized renewable energy (DRE) technologies, so as to increase energy access and connectivity which in turn addresses this dominant challenge.

o   Develop stand-alone renewable energy policy and or energy efficiency policy that will ensure equal subsidy in renewable energy development between IPPs and TANESCO in electricity generation models,

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