Published: AUGUST 10, 2022 DOWNLOAD

Currently the Ministry of Energy in Tanzania started to develop Renewable Energy strategy.

Developing a stand-alone Renewable energy strategy is elementary to tap the full potential of RE in Tanzania to catalyse a sustainable socio-economic development in Tanzania. Renewable energies (RE) can play a key role in shaping a just and sustainable future for Tanzania.

This Policy Brief explores how a RE strategy can create a enabling environment for investors and stakeholders to fast-track upscaling to 100 % RE. A RE strategy has to be based on science-based and cost-effective scenarios for just fossil fuel phase-put and transition to 100 % RE. In order to be actionable a RE strategy should include a action plan, resource mobilization plan, M&E and a establishment of a focal point.

A RE strategy for Tanzania requires:

  • ·  Defining annual sector targets based on cost effective transition scenarios to 100 % RE
  • ·       Particpatory need assement for strategy realization
  • ·       Stand-alone RE-Policy and framework to guarantee lega security for investors and stakeholders.

The Policy Brief focus on:

-The need to phase-out fossil fuels due to high risks

-The role of RE as driver of socio-economic development

-Gaps and challenges on the road to a RE strategy

-Best Practices of RE frameworks