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Energy unlock Development

Energy unlocks livelihood options and is a core element of sustainable development. Ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy is critical hence set as Sustainable Development Goal 7.

Navigating Pathway-dependences

We explore critical phatways towards energy access for all and how they aliging with sustainable development.  Energy investment are expensive and last for many years. To avoid lock-in effects and stranded assetts the options has to be carfully evaluated and selected.

We show 100 % RE scenarios are cheaper for Tanzania than fossil-fuel-based power systems. Also a pathway towards 100 % RE mitigate signifcant risks  and short comings of fossil-based energy systems.

Key Messages:

• Transition to 100 % RE is cheaper for Tanzania than sticking to fossil fuels.1

• Transition to 100 % RE mitigate risks of fossil fuel

• Transition to 100 % RE mitigate annual 23.3.bnUSD of loss & damage globally & upto 240 mio USD in Tan-zania every year. Preventing 12 656 of excess deaths every year.

• RE are the key to unlock affordable, reliable and sustainable energy for Tanzania.


Develop stand-alone Renewable energy strategy : based on cost-effective scenarios for fossil fuel phase-out and transition to 100 %. RE ,including an action plan, M&E and establishment of focal points.

Develop planed just phase-out of fossil fuel production by 2042 :Clear milestone for reduction of fossil fuel production has to be defined: 28 % by 2030, 69 % by 2035.