Published: JANUARY 26, 2023 DOWNLOAD

In this Policy Paper we analyzed how CSOs and private sector can contribute to realize and localize the Tanzanian NDC. Learn how to engage with the Tanzanian NDC as CSO or organization from the private sector.

This briefs brief identifies the window of opportunities and how to open them. Starting from the existing opportunities for engagement of CSOs and private sector in NDC realization, to identification gaps & challenges and close with recommendations and way-forwards on how to bridge the gaps.

Key Messages: 

· CSO & Private sector play a role in fast-tracking the realization & localization of NDC by supporting key activities through co-designed and localized solutions, mainstreaming NDC into national and districts plans and strategies, developing & delivering innovations, raising awareness, mobilizing resources & finance, supporting monitoring & evaluation and reporting  

· The potential of CSO & private sector remains untapped due to existing gaps and challenges which are: (1) Financial and technical limitations, (2) limited inter-ministerial commitments and engagement (3) little capacity and awareness among local government authorities (4) Skewed NDC institutional arrangement (5) slow-paced Monitoring Reporting and verification system and greenhouse gas inventory development. 


· To tap into the potential, overcome the barriers and bridge the gap the Ministry, Department and Agency (MDA) are recommended to (1) enhance the engagement of CSO & Private sector across sectors in NDC realization by Co-Developing engagement plans and NDC implementation plans with a clear timeline (2) Create legal basis and enabling environment for collaborations and partnerships. (3)   Providing support in accessing financial and technical resources (4) Conduct participatory needs assessment and co-developing of investment plans (5) Enabling transparent information management and sharing of data (6) Promoting multi-stakeholder driven monitoring and evaluation and reporting process 

· CSOs & Private sector should work to actively engage in the realization of NDC through: (1) Engaging in Partnerships, constructive dialogues networks and coalitions (2) developing skills and capacities needed to realize NDC (3) mainstreaming NDC into strategies & decision-making processes (4) Mobilize resources and (5) Co-develop sectoral guidelines for NDC integration