Published: OCTOBER 26, 2022 DOWNLOAD

Renewable Energy Investment at National and Local Level in Tanzania can fast-track the upscaling of Renewable Energy. This Policy Brief, co-developed with the Sustainable Energy Forum Tanzania (SEF), explores how to create an enabeling enviroment for investments for Renewable Energy..

Key Messages:

DE-Risking of Finance can attract investment

Attract private sector investment to cater inadequate public finance for high up front capital costs.


• Long-term: Establishment of Tanzania Renewable Energy investment bank, Green Bonds & Microfinance, project database for RE finance support

• Medium term Develop climate finance strategy, governmental guarantee scheme, reallocation of Local Gov-ernment Authority (LGA) funds, special incentive schemes for hybrid systems, microfinance instruments

• Short term : Strengthen skills and appetite to access finance from Green Climate Fund (GCF,) Adaptation Fund (AF) and Clean Development Mechanism, (CDM) tap on Africa Development Bank Renewable Energy Investment Facility, increase private sector participation in country strategic paper for RE financing.