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Fully developed and people-centered, smart renewable energy systems will be the most powerful tool to poverty reduction, climate resilience, community empowerment as well as the ensuring of sustainable development in Tanzania.Poverty reduction is one of the highest-ranking issues in the Five Years Development Strategy 2016/2021 and in the Tanzania Vision 2025. To achieve this, the government must enable the harnessing Tanzania’s abundant and readily available renewable energy resources across the various geographical zones of the country. In doing so, the government together with civil society and other stakeholders at all levels must ensure policies, plans, and strategies are implemented in adequate and effective manners to achieve the long-term goal of 100% renewable energy, and eventually end of our dependence on unreliable fossil fuels. This will provide opportunities for the marginalized and less privileged communities to prosper and result in general income generation and improved standard of living for all.

We stand ready to work closely with and support you as government in our join goals to achieve the goals and approaches outline in this petition