10,000,000 trees to secure clean water

NOVEMBER 18, 2021

Trees secure water sources

One tree nursery established and 10,000,000 trees planted in Lushoto District.The Friends of Usambra foundation donated the trees and enpowered the community to project their water sources.

 In Mwangoi Village, with the support from Friends of Usambara foundation by donating 10,000,000 trees, CAN Tanzania and ward extension officer, the Mwamboa group took initiative to plant trees around the three important water sources available in the village in August, 2019. The water source were fenced to restrict entrance of domestic animals as well as increase care of the planted trees. Also, the group has established a permanent tree nursery in the village to ensure sustainable rehabilitation of other vulnerable areas in the village. 

Water sacristy in Mwangoi Village

In Lushotu District villages suffer under climate change impacts. In Mwangoi Village prolonged droughts along side the increase of population accelerated the struggle to search clean water. Clean water is elementary for the community to sustain their survival and livelihood activities in the area. In specific women fell the harsh impact of water sacristy. Women spent 25 % of their time in a day to search for clean water for use in their families.

The road to success:


On 19th and 20th December, 2018 CAN Tanzania conducted a community Capacity building on ground intervention activities in Lushoto District in Tanzania where by participants from the Mwangoi village including Mwamboa group, village council, Faith Based Organization representatives, Friends of Usambara Foundation and Ward extension officer effectively engaged in the event. Due to a high-level awareness raised by CAN Tanzania along with the readiness to provide tree seedlings from the friends of Usambara Foundation, the Mwamboa group which is dealing with environmental conservation activities in the village were convinced and made a deliberate plan to rehabilitate water sources in the village. In August, 29th the Mwamboa group in close technical assistance from the ward extension officer and CAN Tanzania established a tree nursery at Mwangoi village. Also, in November, 2019 the friends of Usambara foundation donated 10,000,000 tree seedlings to the Mwamboa group where by all three water sources in the village where rehabilitated while other tree seedlings were distributed in primary and secondary schools and faith-based organizations in the village. The established tree nursery will be used for the replacement of drying out trees in the rehabilitated areas as well as the source of income for the Mwamboa group once selling the trees to various customers in the area.