Strengthening the Contribution of Local Actors for a Climate Resilient Society in Zanzibar

2023 - 2025

Tanzanian coastal areas and Zanzibar islands have complex and dynamic systems in terms of both human activity and biophysical conditions. They carry a substantial proportion of the national population and support several community livelihood options.

Unfortunately, in Zanzibar, the economy, and the livelihood sectors of 87% of the population are climate sensitive with high levels of vulnerability (especially agriculture, freshwater, settlement, fisheries, and tourism) and face environmental degradation. Other linked challenges include droughts, storms, temperature rise, strong wind speed, saltwater intrusion, coastal erosion and displacement, impaired drinking water and soil fertility, and floods.

These climate change and variability challenges are resulting in significant economic costs, loss of life, poverty, and other human capital which compromise food and water security for most local communities.

Therefore, the project contributes to developing climate resilience in local communities in Zanzibar.


The project aims to improve climate change adaptation practices in Zanzibar by 2025 and support the reviewing of Zanzibar political frameworks (Zanzibar Climate Change Strategy and/or Zanzibar Environment Policy strategies) in a participative manner and are coherent with the NDC.

Project Impact

What this project will achieve
Reviewing of Zanzibar Climate Change Strategy (2014) and Zanzibar Environmental Policy (2013) with consideration of local perspectives and demands
Expanding CAN Tanzania's presence and objectives in Zanzibar, providing space and capacity to non-state actors (NMs in Zanzibar, NGOs, CSOs, and the private sector) and state actors (Ministries, Departments and Authorities, MDAs and LGAs) to debate and engage in climate change interventions.
Informing the decisions and plans at the local government and national level on the assessed climate risk and vulnerability in relation to sustainable development goals
Enhancing and strengthening partnership and collaboration with climate stakeholders and partners
Increasing informed discussions with regard to climate governance in the country and international context and thus take appropriate actions towards advocating practicable actions in addressing projected climate impacts
Increasing journalistic engagement in climate change reporting with enhanced communication and climate change advocacy work in Zanzibar and beyond

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