Choose your way: Renewable Energy vs. Fossil Energy
August 24, 2022
Energy investments are expensive and last for many years therefore cannot be changed readily. We explore and compare costs of energy phatways: Renewable Energy vs. Fossil Energy. Learn the cheapest way to secure energy access for all in Tanzania.
Energy sector policy and legislation in Tanzania
August 24, 2022
The energy sector policy and legislation in Tanzania is complex. We give a quick tour through the most importans policy, frameworks and actors.
Current energy use and impacts
May 19, 2022
How do we use energy in Tanzania ? We explore use and impact of energy in Tanzania to understand why cheap and reliable energy is needed for sustainable development.
Who has the power? Current energy mix and access status
May 19, 2022
Access to cheap energy is key for poverty reduction and sustianable development. RE has the potential to unlock cheap and accessable energy. Learn about the status of energy mix and access in Tanzania.
A Brief History of Energy in Tanzania
May 19, 2022
Understand the history of the energy sector to transform it. Let's look back to see what shaped Tanzania's Energy sector.
Solar Irrigation for Poverty Reduction Near Mt. Kilimanjaro
November 24, 2021
Learn about how solar power is enhancing sustainable agriculture and food security by enabling farmers to irrigate efficiently.