Back to the Future: How Indigenous Knowledge improve Climate Services and strengthen Climate resilience.
February 09, 2022
What will the weather gonna be ? A important question for farmer. But it's written in the star. Based-on nature observation indigenous knowledge holder can predict the weather. Indigenous forecast can be valuable to deliver timely and local Climate Service, helping communties built climate resilience. Learn more about it.
Think beyond weather forecasts: Enhance Climate Resilience by innovative climate services
February 03, 2022
To make climate smart decisions it needs more than just weather forecasts. Providing and building the neccasary capatiy for smallholders to make adaptation decision is a the core of effective climate services. We show new ways how to approach climate services by innovative farmer and demonstration farms.
Solar Irrigation for Poverty Reduction Near Mt. Kilimanjaro
November 24, 2021
Learn about how solar power is enhancing sustainable agriculture and food security by enabling farmers to irrigate efficiently.
The Role of Churches in Scaling up renewable energy in Tanzania
November 24, 2021
Learn about the key role of the church and other faith-based organisations in bridging the rural energy poverty gap in Tanzania.
The Road to 100 % Renewable Energies (RE) in Tanzania
November 24, 2021
Smart frameworks, policies and strategies are key to get to 100 % Renewable Energies in Tanzania. Learn more about what politicsdoes and can do to leap-frog fossil fuels and get fast to 100 % RE in Tanzania.
Data on Renewable Energies (RE) in Tanzania
October 15, 2021
Get links,data and highlights on Renewable Energies (RE) in Tanzania. Learn more about how Tanzania start to scale-up it's RE for 100% RE.