Enhance Engagment for Action: Empowered by a strong network
February 15, 2022
To scale-up climate action we need to enhance our engagment. Empowered by a strong network the members of CAN TZ grow effective and sustainable impact for a climate-just future. Learn more about how the network meeting supports our shared struggeled for climate actions.
Level-up: Finding a way-forward for enhanced Climate Services in Tanzania
February 08, 2022
Adaptation to climate change need to be fast-tracked. Climate Services are a fast and efficent way to built climate resilience. CAN TZ invited stakeholders to find together a way-forward.
Participatory NDC enhancement for a climate-just response in COVID-19 world
February 04, 2022
In Tanzania, the first Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) framework officially known as Intended Nationally Determined Contributions was developed and submitted to the UNFCCC in September 2015, which was later officially accepted by the UNFCCC in 2018. Learn what importants topics are mainstreamed in to the new NDC.
Can't take the heat: Drought Impact on Pastoralists in Kidomole
December 22, 2021
Local pastoralist in Kidomole suffer under prolonged droughts. Lossing there livestock and livilhood shows how vulnerable smallholders are against impacts of climate change as extreme weathers.
The sea is rising and so are we: Kibiti Takes Climate Action and restore coastal mangroves
December 22, 2021
Climate Change and deforestation of coastal mangroves cause soil erosion and salt water intrusion along the coastline. The community in Nyamisati start to plant and restore mangroves to adapt and mitigate the serious impact of soil erosion and salt water intrusion.
Unboxing Data: Climate Change and the Digital Economy
December 22, 2021
The event focused on Data and Climate Change.Data can unlock the way to impactful mitigation and adaptation. Dr. Sixbert discussed for CAN TZ on the pannel how climate action become data-driven and digital.