The sea is rising and so are we: Kibiti Takes Climate Action and restore coastal mangroves
December 22, 2021
Climate Change and deforestation of coastal mangroves cause soil erosion and salt water intrusion along the coastline. The community in Nyamisati start to plant and restore mangroves to adapt and mitigate the serious impact of soil erosion and salt water intrusion.
Unboxing Data: Climate Change and the Digital Economy
December 22, 2021
The event focused on Data and Climate Change.Data can unlock the way to impactful mitigation and adaptation. Dr. Sixbert discussed for CAN TZ on the pannel how climate action become data-driven and digital.
Drilled: We are thrilled!
November 22, 2021
First Borehole drilled for the solar irrigation project in Hai District. Drilling proofs there is enough water for the solar irrigation. We are excited to install solar pumps soon to start the solar-powered irrigation in project villages in Hai District.
The impact of climate change on water power
November 19, 2021
CAN TZ showed together with Morogoro District Commissioner Hon Albert Msando the impact of climate change on water power to the British Ambassador David Conar.
A strong voice for Africa: CAN Africa at COP
November 19, 2021
CAN Africa connected and reinforced african voices at COP26. CAN Africa gets ready for the next COP27 to be hosted in Africa.
RE-Electrifying communities
January 01, 2021
Dr Sixbert Mwanga calls upon civil societies in rural Tanzania to stand up for a renewable energy transition